About Our products:

Liboplast imports raw materials according to the international criteria from a high reputation sources in order to guarantee all our products to all consumers.

Through being members of some international organizations and institutions, we are certainly and continuously follow the recent developments, researches and publications dealing with plastic industries.

30/25 High Neck32.5g130.0mmStillwater
30/25 High Neck16.5g83.0mmStillwater
29/25 Short Neck11.6g72.0mmStillwater light bottles
29/25 Short Neck25.0g112.0mmStillwater light bottles
28 PCO-181018.0g83.0mmStillwater and Juice
28 PCO-181034.5g130.mmStillwater and Juice
28 PCO-181037.0g130.0mmCarbonated soft drinks CSD
28 PCO-181052.0g140.0mmCarbonated soft drinks CSD
28 PBF-Light35.5g130.0mmStillwater
OIL - 29/2125.0g112.0mmVegetable oil
28 PCO-188116.0g83.0mmCarbonated soft drinks CSD
28 PCO-188122.5g83.0mmCarbonated soft drinks CSD
30/25 High Neck15.1g83.0mmStillwater light bottles
30/25 High Neck14.0g83.0mmStillwater light bottles
41/48 High Neck90.0g158.0mmStillwater light bottles
41/48 High Neck83.0g158.0mmStillwater light bottles

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